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Writing Samples


College Application | Personal Statement

Stanford Acceptance Personal Statement

By popular demand, I offer the Personal Statement and Additional Info essays that I submitted to Stanford University. I am proud to say that I was accepted to Stanford and I am excited to share my essays with you. Please note the inclusion of the Additional Information statement, an essay that I believe was instrumental in my acceptance to Stanford. I used this essay to explain my perceived weaknesses, and in particular, the circumstances of my early life and the gap in my education. Also note that these essays are not perfect. There are typos, grammatical errors, and other mistakes. I am sharing them with you as they were submitted to Stanford. I hope that they can be of use to you in your college application process.


Research | Debate Prep

GM Oh! Is it Right to Know?

In our group assignment, we examined California's Proposition 37, proposed by the Right to Know movement, which sought to mandate labels on food products containing GMOs. Our class was divided into groups and assigned topics to debate. Before knowing our stance, each of us wrote a paper discussing both sides of the argument. This is my contribution.


Linear Algebra | Technical Writing | Proofs

Dual Vector Space, Traces, and Cyclicity of Trace

This paper explores dual vector spaces, traces, and the cyclicity of traces in finite-dimensional vector spaces, proving key concepts like the basis independence of trace and its cyclicity. I demonstrated that for square matrices A and B, the trace of AB is equal to the trace of BA, emphasizing the invariant nature of trace in matrix products.


Real Analysis | Technical Writing | Infinite Series

Rearranging Infinite Series and Double Summation

In "Rearranging Infinite Series and Double Summation," I examined how altering the order of numbers in infinite series, especially those with both positive and negative values, can significantly change their sums, sometimes resulting in infinite totals. I also explored double summations, revealing that the sum of numbers in a two-dimensional grid can vary based on the addition sequence, highlighting the impact of order changes in advanced mathematics.


Research | Growth Mindset | Mathematics Education

Growth Potential for Growth Mindset Application in Mathematics Education: A Literature Review

In my paper, "Growth Potential for Growth Mindset Application in Mathematics Education: A Literature Review," I analyzed how growth and fixed mindsets influence math learning, showing that students' beliefs about their intelligence significantly affect their math performance. The review highlights the effects of mindset interventions on students' attitudes and achievements in math, summarizing current trends and suggesting avenues for future research.


Quantitative Analysis | Experimental Measurements

Mechanical Engineering Technical Reports

The following selection of reports were produced in the context of Mechanical Engineering 104 at Stanford. My graduating class had the privilege of taking this course remotely over Zoom with 3D printers sent to us by Stanford. The following is a selection of reports highlighting individual and group reports produced during the course of this course. In the case of the group assignment, I compiled the report and all student contributions are labeled accordingly.