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Alan Brantley

Proven Leadership

Web Development

Complex Problem Solving

Analytical, innovative, and motivated professional with diverse experience in product design, AI and web development, education, and creative content creation. Adept at developing strategies, driving streamlined operations, and navigating complex problem-solving in challenging environments. Effective and proven track record of critical thinking, idea generation, and optimizing efficiencies. Accomplished as a generalist and as a specialist, and a proven leader, with solid interpersonal abilities and strong problem-solving skills.


Technical Skills|Product Design|Web Development|SwiftUI|Machine Learning|CAD|AI Prompting|Prompt Engineering|Figma|Adobe Suite

Soft Skills|Leadership|Problem Solving|Analytical Thinking|Communication|Public Speaking|Mentoring and Coaching|Research & Development|Team Collaboration|Independent Learning

Notable Achievements|Jack Kent Cooke Transfer & Graduate Scholar|2018 Fullerton College Distinguished Student of the Year|2018 Fullerton College Commencement Speaker|Stanford University Degree with Distinction|USC Order of Arete


Stanford University|Stanford, CA

Transfer 101 Co-Lead (Aug 2020 - Dec 2020)

  • Co-instructed a class of 20 on newly admitted transfers on topics related to acclimation, identity, communication, and community.
  • Planed and executed a semester-long curriculum focused on the designated topics.
  • Collaborated with co-instructors to align teaching methods and learning objectives.
  • Co-created a structured framework to address sensitive topics with respect and sensitivity.

Stanford University|Stanford, CA

Research Assistant for Stanford Undergraduate Research Institute & Shape Lab (Jun 2020 - Aug 2020)

  • Worked directly with Sean Follmer and Graduate Mentor Alexis Sui to research and implement a “haptic mouse” for blind and low vision individuals.
  • Researched and applied mouse functionality, haptic feedback, accessible design, and Unity development environment.
  • Executed code for the haptic mouse in Unity and C#.
  • Created a slide and poster presentation of my contributions to the Shape Lab team and Stanford Undergraduate Research Institute respectively.

Fullerton College|Fullerton, CA

Pathway Transformation Initiative Growth Mindset Student Ambassador Coordinator (Jan 2016 - May 2018)

  • Collaborated with GM ambassadors to design and implement innovative Growth Mindset workshops aimed at fostering student success and engagement.
  • Acted as a key presenter, addressing both individual classes and sessions for incoming students, to impart the importance of a growth mindset.
  • Organized and coordinated the activities of fellow GM ambassadors to ensure effective distribution of responsibilities and efficient implementation of strategies.

Fullerton College|Fullerton, CA

Supplemental Instructor Leader (Aug 2016 - Nov 2017) / Mentor (Jan 2018 - May 2018)

  • As instructor, created lesson plans and led weekly study sessions for students enrolled in Calculus and Geometry courses.
  • In the 4 courses I was assigned, students achieved a notable improvement in academic performance, with an average increase of 5 - 7% in overall class grades from one semester to the next, as well as substantial average grade increase of 10 - 12% among students who consistently attended my sessions
  • As mentor, created and presented break out training sessions on topics such as Applying Growth Mindset, effective tutoring strategies, and college/scholarship applications.
  • Held weekly meetings with cohort to discuss the week’s curricula, challenges, and successes.
Other Professional Experience

Aramark Sports Entertainment LLC.|Bakersfield, CA

Bar Manager (Oct 2009 – Nov 2010)

  • The Space Between At Rabobank Arena & Convention Center
  • Oversaw the daily operations of the bar, including inventory, cash, and staff.

The Finish Line Sports Bar and Grill at Bakersfield Red Lion Hotel|Bakersfield, CA

Food and Beverage Director (Nov 2005 – Nov 2007)

  • Oversaw Food and beverage department which consisted of a full service restaurant, bar, room service and banquet facilities and a staff of 15-20.
  • Created and/or enforced policies related to inventory control, cash handling, staff management, and customer relations.
  • Coordinated with management, sales, and event planning to ensure smooth banquet operations and customer satisfaction.

University of Southern California (USC), Iovine and Young Academy

Los Angeles, CA (Aug 2021 – May 2023)

  • M.S. Product Innovation | 2023
  • Awards and Recognition: IYA Graduate Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Commencement Flag Bearer, Order of Arete

Stanford University

Stanford, CA (Aug 2018 – May 2021)

  • B.S. Engineering | Product Design with Notation in Science Communication | 2021
  • Awards and Recognition: Conferred with Distinction, Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship

Fullerton Community College

Fullerton, CA (Jan 2014 – May 2018)

  • A.S. Mathematics | 2018
  • A.S. Arts and Human Expression | 2018
  • A.A. Computer Science | 2018
  • A.S. Interdisciplinary Science | 2018
  • Awards and Recognition: Conferred with High Honors, Phi Theta Kappa, Student of Distinction, Distinguished Student of the Year, Convocation Speaker 2016, Commencement Speaker 2018, Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholarship